Saturday, November 21, 2009

Colocation in Central Europe

Last week I had the pleasure of reviewing a number of colocation facilities in Hungary, Romania, Poland, and the Czech Republic. We saw facilities at many different stages of development and product offering.

In some facilities it was a trip back to the early 90s. Some of these facilities had literally hundreds of tower servers on utility shelves like you would use for storage in your basement. Apparently, this has remained a low cost hosting option in Central Europe. Most of these facilities are fully lights out. If the customer cannot fix their server remotely, it is removed from the data center for them to work on it. Customers are not allowed on the data center floor.

There is also a considerable amount of hosting by the U, managed services, and cabinet colocation. Most communication is via VPN or dedicated telco circuit, with very little metro ethernet.

Internet connectivity is almost exclusively to the west, with Frankfurt, Vienna, London, and Amsterdam noted as popular interconnection points.

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